Thursday, January 13, 2011

Choosing a Primary Frequent Flyer Program

Selecting your primary frequent flyer program is very straightforward – you want to pick the airline that will allow you to maximize the miles you earn, without having to change your travel and spending patterns.  The majority of airline miles you earn will come from one of two places; air travel and/or credit card usage.  Since most major airlines offer mileage credit cards, your first focus should be on the air travel component.
Find out what airline has the most flights from your local airport. This should be your Primary Frequent Flyer Program. Go to that airlines web site and join their frequent flyer program. Print out the temporary membership card, write down your password and put this in your TRAVEL folder. In a few weeks, you will receive a nice envelope from the airline with a permanent membership card and various other marketing materials.
Look around the web site for Free Miles for email signup, referrals, downloading a search bar or scheduling program. The airlines want to turn you into a loyal customer and will often reward you with miles for various activities.
Now repeat this process for every member of your family, including the baby.
Repeat STEP 1 for every airline that flies from your home airport.  Remember to sign up EVERY FAMILY MEMBER. You will see the benefits of this in later blog posts

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