Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is Frugal Golf Travel?

The ultimate in Frugal Golf Travel is free travel and free golf. On several occasions, members of the FGT Staff have been the recipients of golf trips funded by a friend, professional colleague, or a company vendor. This is the exception however, and not the rule. Put forth your best effort to accept any such invitations if the opportunity presents itself. If you are unavailable, contact us and we will gladly take your place.
Frugal Golf Travel is harnessing the power of frequent hotel guest points, frequent flyer miles, and credit card reward programs to reduce the cost of travel to as close to free as possible. This is also known as “TRAVEL HACKING.” To the FGT Staff, Frugal Golf Travel is maximizing the collection of miles and points to reach our goal of “Golf in all 50 States” with minimal use of personal cash.
To borrow a line from the 1985 Dire Straits’ hit song “Money for Nothing”, we want “airline tickets for nothing and hotel rooms for free.”

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